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Routing Switcher

Sony DVS-V6464B

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Item #:MO18062
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Digital Video Routing Switcher (64x64) expandable by cascading to 512x512

Model Details

Digital video routing switcher (64 x 64).


  • Using optional cascade boards, multiple DVS-V6464B matrices can be assembled into a single routing system of up to 512 x 512. The DVS-V6464B can also be configured for flexible routing sizes such as 64 x 32 or 192 x 128, as well as square sizes
  • DVS-V Series routing switchers handle SDI (Serial Digital Interface) signals which conform to the SMPTE-259M and the CCIR Revised Recommendation 656. Either a component or composite digital video signal, embedded with up to eight channels of digital audio
  • The DVS-V6464B can operate in a combined environment of both serial component and serial composite signals, eliminating the need to provide separate routing systems for the two different signal formats
  • By adding the optional BKDS-V3292B Monitor Board to B Series routers, independent monitoring of both source and destination signals is provided
  • Cascade IN: D-sub 25-pin (8)
  • Cascade OUT: D-sub 25-pin (8)
  • Remote-1: BNC type (3), S-BUS
  • Remote-2: D-sub 9-pin (2), RS-422A,
  • Data transfer method: SCRAMBLED NRZI
  • Data transfer speed: 270 Mbits/sec (component),
  • Signal amplitude: 800mV Ý 10% when teminated into 751/2
  • Transfer distance: Max 200m (When using 751/2 coaxial cable
  • Signal type: Serial digital video conforming to SMPTE 259M and
  • Impedance: 751/2
  • Return loss: Typical 15dB (5-270 Mbits)
  • Cable equalization: Automatic for up to 200m of Belden 8281 or
  • DC offset: Ý 0.5 when terminated into 751/2
  • Rise/Fall times: 0.75 to 1.5ns (20% to 80%)
  • Serial video IN: BNC type (64), 751/2,
  • Serial video OUT: BNC type (128), 751/2,
  • Reference video IN: BNC type (2) loop through,
  • Power requirements: AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 400W
  • Operating temperature: +101/4C to +351/4C (+501/4F to +951/4F)
  • Remote-3 (ISR): D-sub 25-pin (1), RS-232C
  • Signal amplitude: 800mV Ý 10% when teminated into 751/2
  • Signal amplitude: 0.8 Vp-pÝ10%


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