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Film scanner

DAV-INC Cineglyph HD Data

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Item #:MO20288
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
HD & SD Telecenie including 1080 24P and with the data optional Data

Model Details

CineGlyph supports all current High Definition and Standard Definition formats, including 1080 24P and optionally Data. Sharp pictures are ensured by wide bandwidth solid state photo detectors and a new CRT. CineGlyph also has a new computer control system, consisting of an easy to use touch screen on a large color flat panel display for local control. A 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface is available for remote control.

The digital video system is connected with DAVlink, a high-speed digital video interconnect that enables the Telecine to be easily configured and updated. The physical interface is a simple but reliable 68-pin connector. Each major component is housed in a separate enclosure with its' own power supply. Components such as the Enhancer, Grain Remover, CLRVIEW and future options can be simply inserted in the DAVlink digital video signal path. Each unit is multi-standard compatible.

The modular configuration of FilmStore allows great freedom of configuration. Options may be added when needed and are very easy to install. Just plug in the 68 pin connectors and the power cord!

Additional Detailed Information:
- Exeptional Digital Deflexion System, delivers a natural film image with minimal artificial processing.
- Advance Flying Spot Scanner. The intire film image is acanned at 1920x1080, even when re-sized or rotated without any degradation or loss.
- Brite Eyes - Solid State Sensor Light Detection. Originally developed for deep space exploration, this feature increases bandwwidth and heightens sensitivity with less noise.
- Grain & Noise Reduction. Grain is actualy reduced in size, not artificially blurred as with other HD Telecines with third party solutions.
- ClrView. Reduce image aliasing for cleaner, clearer, sharper picture.

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