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Monitor Color Monitor

Sony PVM-20M2MDU

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Model Description:
High-Resolution Color Monitor Mainly used for Medical applications

Model Details

The PVM-20M2MDU is a high-resolution color monitor that delivers sharp, detailed video images.Designed specifically for medical applications, this monitor offers tremendous flexibility with its variety of input terminals.Dark-tint CRT for improved contrast and P-22 phosphor for more vibrant, color-saturated images.20" Medical Color Video Monitor (19" maximum viewable diagonal). More than 600 lines of horizontal resolution, IzzitOn compatible (requires SME-PVMSTATSVO cable), knob control brightness, contrast, aperture, phase, chroma and volume, on-screen menus (5 languages), RGB split screen, splash-proof panels, Super Fine Pitch Trinitron tube with 0.40mm aperture grille pitch for superior picture quality, more than 10mHz bandwidth in RGB, multi-system (NTSC and PAL), Beam Current Feedback System provides stable color display, inputs RGB (2 channels), Y/C and composite video, equipped with DEGAUSS button, digital RGB compatible (CGA only), underscan, overscan and normal scan modes, built-in speaker for audio monitoring, UL-2601-1 classified, Y/C loop-through (4-pin mini DIN connector).


  • Improved Contrast
  • Medical Grade Video Monitor for use in Surgical Applications
  • A dark-tint CRT and new phosphor provide improved contrast
  • Provides a high resolution picture. Horizontal resolution is more than 600 TV lines at the center of the picture.
  • 10.0 MHz RGB
  • Color temperature is selectable, and other setup conditions can be determined in the on screen display menus in five languages.
  • The monitor can display PAL, and NTSC signals. The appropriate color system is selected automatically.
  • Scan size is selectable from among 5% underscan, normal scan (7% overscan) and 20% overscan.
  • 4 selectable color temperatures: 6500K/5600K/9300K/USER (6500K)
  • Two RGB or Component video signals can be simultaneously displayed for easy adjustment and comparison of color.
  • Available as a power supply for any additional equipment in the system application.
  • Equipped with two types of remote control interfaces; Serial and Parallel.
  • The side covers protect the ventilation holes from splashes. The control panel cover protects the control button on the front panel from undesired touching.
  • Provides visual recording confirmation
  • Color System: NTSC, PAL automatically selected
  • Resolution: 600TV lines at center
  • Aperture Correction: 0 ~ +6dB
  • Frequency Response: LINE 10.0MHz (±3DB) * Y signal onlyRGB 10.0MHz (±3dB)
  • Synchronization: AFC time constant 1.0mS
  • Line Pull Range: H ± 500HzV -8Hz
  • CRT 20": 20-inch CRT with P-22 phosphor, Visible picture size479.8mm (19-inch measured diagonally)
  • AG Pitch: 0.4mm
  • Normal Scan: 7% over scan
  • Over Scan: 20% over scan
  • Under Scan: 5% under scan
  • H Linearity: less than 5% (typical)
  • V Linearity: less than 5% (typical)
  • Convergence: Center 20" less than 0.6 mm (typical)Peripheral 20" less than 1.0 mm (typical)
  • Raster Size Stability: H less than 1.0%V less than 1.5%
  • HV Regulation: less than 4.0%
  • Color Temperature: 6500K, 5600K, 9300K, USERUSER: factory adjusted to 6500Kadjustable range : 3200K-10000K
  • AC Input Range: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/ 60Hz
  • Total Power Consumption: 1.5 ~ 0.6 A
  • Audio Out: 0.8W monaural (distortion less than 5%)
  • Operating Conditions: 0 ~ 40°C temperature, 700 ~ 1,060 hPa pressure30 ~ 85% humidity
  • Storage Conditions: -10 ~ 40°C temperature, 700 ~ 1,060 hPa pressure0 ~ 90% humidity
  • Dimensions: W: 450mm x H: 457.5mm x D: 503mm
  • Mass: 30.0 kg
  • Line A: Video InLine A: Audio In: BNC connector, 1 Vp-p ±6 dB, sync negativePhono jack (X1), -5 dBu, more than 470 kilo-ohms.
  • Line B: Y/C InLine B: Audio In: 4-pin mini DIN (X1)Phono jack (X1), -5 dBu, more than 47 kilo-ohms.
  • RGB/Component A/B: R/R-Y, G/Y, B/B-Y INAudio In: BNC connector (X3)-R, G, B channels: 0.7 Vp-p, ±6dB-Sync on green: 0.3 Vp-p, negative-R-Y, B-Y channels: 0.7 Vp-p, ±6dB-Y-channel: 0.7 Vp-p, ±6dB (Standard color bar signal of 75% chrominance)Phono jack (X1), -5 dBu, more than 47 kilo-ohms.
  • EXT SYNC IN: BNC connector (X1)4 Vp-p, ±6 dB, sync negative
  • Remote: D SUB 9 PIN (X1), 8 PIN MIN DIN (X1)
  • Line A: Video OutLine A: Audio Out: BNC connector (X1) loop-through, Automatic 75 ohms terminationPhono jack loop-through
  • Line B: Y/C OutLine B: Audio Out: 4-pin mini-DIN (X1) loop-through, Automatic 75 ohms terminationPhono jack (X1) loop-through
  • RGB/Component AR/R-Y, G/Y, B/B-Y OUT:Audio Out:: BNC cinnector (X3) loop throughAutomatic 75 ohms terminationPhono jack (X1) loop through
  • EXT SYNC OUT: BNC connector (X1) Automatic 75 ohms termination
  • DC OUT: 8 V/0.8A
  • Speaker Output: Output level: 0.8 W

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