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Sony DSR50/BGT

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Item #:MO667368
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Model Description:
DVCAM Portable VTR w/built-in 2.5 inch LCD Monitor

Model Details

The DSR-50 is a portable, multi-usage DVCAM VTR with an innovative, compact and lightweight design.Featuring a 2.5-inch diagonal built-in LCD monitor, it is perfect for field use.Additional professional features include 4-channel separate audio IN/OUT, timecode IN/OUT, 26-pin camera connector, and analog component OUT.The DSR-50 is ideal as an ENG/EFP recorder, back-up recorder for acquisition, event videography and evidence recording, as well as a simple viewer or upload/download VTR for non-linear editing systems.


  • DVCAM & DV (SP) Recording Capability
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • 2.5" Built-in LCD Monitor
  • PAL Playback Capability
  • Four Channel Separate Audio
  • 26-pin Camera Connector
  • Time Code IN/OUT
  • i.LINK IEEE-1394 I/O
  • AC/DC Operation
  • Adopts the DVCAM format offering superior video and audio quality for broadcast/professional use. Accepts mini and standard size cassettes. Also capable of recording and playing the consumer DV format (SP mode only), allowing a maximum of 270 minutes of recording time (DVCAM format: maximum 184 minutes).
  • Weighs only 8lbs. 4oz. (excluding battery and tape). The compact design contains a battery compartment where the BP-L90A/1 fits conveniently within the unit.
  • 200,000 pixel built-in LCD monitor for monitoring the camera picture, playback of the recorded picture, or viewing menu settings. The monitor can also display the levels for the four channels of audio. The audio levels can be viewed separately, or as an overlay above the picture.
  • Digital data transfer capability. Built-in 6-pin i.LINK IEEE-1394 connector with locking function.
  • When connected with i.LINK® interface, the entire content from another tape can be duplicated, including data in the Cassette Memory (i.e. ClipLink™ data).
  • Capable of playing PAL format recorded tapes (output from video OUT 1 and on LCD monitor.)
  • Four XLR input connectors allow four channel audio recording in 32KHz 12 bit mode. (Four PIN jacks for output.) In 48KHz 16 bit mode, a newly developed audio DSP provides low-noise, high quality sound.
  • DC out and VTR control functions available.
  • Allows timecode choice from internal generator, external source, or users bit, tic. Jog TC out is also possible.
  • Capable of converting the DVCAM digital format to an analog component output signal.
  • Rec/PB Mode: DVCAM/DV (SP mode only)
  • Audio Rec Mode: 48KHz 16 bit 2ch, 32kHz 12 bit 4ch, auto (DV IN)
  • Audio PB Mode: 48KHz 16 bit 2ch, 32kHz 12 bit 4ch, 32kHz 16 bit 2ch, 44.1KHz 16 bit 2ch (automatically selected)
  • Time Code IN/OUT: Yes
  • INPUT/OUTPUT Terminals: Video IN (Composite) BNC x 1S Video IN mini DIN x 1Audio IN XLR x 4 (with +48V power)Camera IN (26-pin)(Composite/Component) x 1Reference IN (Same terminal as Video IN)Video OUT 1 (Composite) BNC x 1Video OUT 2 (Composite) BNC x 1S Video OUT mini DIN x 1Component OUT BNC x 3Audio OUT RCA x 4Audio OUT (Monitor) RCA x 1i.LINK® (DV IN/OUT) 6pin x 1Timecode IN BNC x 1Timcode OUT BNC x 1Control S Stereo mini jack x 1Headphone Standard x 1Footswitch/Tally Stereo mini jack x1
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4 x 3 5/8 x 12 1/4 inches (WxHxD) excluding external projections (247 x 89 x 311mm)
  • Weight: 8 lb. 4oz. (3.75kg)

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