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Sony UP21MD

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Item #:MO671339
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Medical Color Printer (A6)

Model Details

The Sony UP-21MD printer is the ideal choice for the endoscopy and ultrasound markets. This new Sony Color Video Printer is very compact and will help to free up space on medical carts. The UP-21MD width at 8 3/8" allows it to be easily integrated, or rack mounted side-by-side with other equipment on medical carts. Although small in size, the UP-21MD printer offers a wide variety of features. Using Sony's Dye Sublimation printing technology, the UP-21MD produces near A6 size prints with approximately 400dpi in approximately 20 seconds, using the Sony UP-C21L media. \


  • Superior Print Quality and Color Reproduction at approx. 400 dpi Resolution Incorporating Sony dye sublimation printing technology, the UP-21MD provides photo-realistic quality prints with more than 16 million color tones. The PQC (Picture Quality Control) technology provides highly accurate image reproduction. Equipped with a co
  • New Compact Design The UP-21MD dimensions are approx. 8 3/8(W) x 5(H) x 15 5/8 (D) (inches) , and a weight of approx. 13 lb 3 oz. Its compact width enables the UP-21MD to fit into the limited spaces, and to be rack mounted on a medical cart side by side with another equipme
  • High-Speed Printing (A6 Size) Near A6-size prints can be created in approx. 20 seconds* using the newly developed print paper which has high durability.*Measured at high-speed mode with the UPC-21L Color Printing Pack.
  • Four Frame Memory The UP-21MD features four built-in memories so that up to four frame-quality color images can be stored in memories simultaneously. While printing an image from one of the memories, the UP-21MD can simultaneously store additional images in the remaining m
  • Front Operation The UP-21MD is designed to be operated from the front panel, offering easy maintenance and flexible set up. Menu operation can be performed using buttons on the front panel.
  • Versatile Analog Video Inputs and Outputs The UP-21MD accepts and outputs an analog RGB, S-Video (Y/C) or composite video signal
  • Convenient Optional Remote Controls With the optional FS-36 foot switch, hands-free control of printer functions is possible. Two optional wired/wireless remote control units are also available. The RM-91 is a single button controller, while the RM-5500 provides comprehensive control of pri
  • RS-232C Port The UP-21MD has an RS-232C port so that the printer can be controlled from external equipment such as a computer
  • 2 or 4-Split Image Print Mode Different images can be printed on a single paper
  • Monitor Loop-Through for System Power Saving The UP-21MD has a signal loop-through capability so that input sources can be viewed on a connected monitor even when the printer is not powered on. This loop-through function reduces the total power consumption of the system

  • Printing Method: - Dye Sublimation
  • Thermal Head: - 403 dpi
  • Gradations: - 256 Gradations, over 16 Million colors per dot
  • Resolution - 325 dpi
  • Printed Area: (NTSC) - S Size: Full 95.8 x 72.4mm L Size: Full 126.9 x 91.5mm
  • Print Speed: (High-speed mode, NTSC) - UPC-21S approx. 16 sec. UPC-21L approx. 20 sec.
  • Paper Capacity: - S Size tray: Max. 80 sheets L Size tray: Max 50 sheets
  • Power Consumption: - 100-120 Volts 1.8 A 220-240 Volts 1.0A
  • Dimensions: - 8 3/8(W) x 5(H) x 15 5/8 (D)
  • Weight: - 13.3 lbs.
  • Safety Standards: - UL 1950, UP 2601-1 Listed (UC), CSA C22.2 No. 950 (UC), EN60950, EN60601-1 (UC)

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • New Compact Size
  • High Speed Printing, A6 Size
  • Four Frame Memory
  • Front Operation
  • Versatile Analog Video inputs and outputs
  • Optional Remotes Available
  • RS-232C Port
  • 2 or 4 Split Image Mode

  • Optional: FS36 - Foot Switch (3-Way)
  • Optional: RM5500 - Wired/Wireless Remote Control for UP-5000 and UP-2000 Series Printers
  • Optional: RM91 - Wired Remote Commander

Additional Information

up-21md op manual.pdf
up21md brochure.pdf

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