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Model Description:
Dsr11/Dsr2oMD & Intro DV For Laptop

Model Details

DSR20MD and DSR11 bundled with IntroDV software package. The DSR-20MD DVCAM Digital Videocassette Recorder with i.LINK (DV I/O based on IEEE-1394) is a half rack size DVCAM digital videocassette recorder. DSR-20MD offers three remote control interfaces including: LANC, Control S and RS-232C. AC/DC operation, auto repeat function, power-on recording/playback, external sync input, and duplication with time code. Composite In/Out, S-Video In/Out, DV I/O, Audio: REC: 48kHz/16 bit, 32kHz/12 bit, PB: 48kHz/16 bit, 32kHz/12 bit, 32kHz/16 bit, 44kHz/16 bit. Additionally, the DSR-20MD plays back consumer DV tapes. AC: 120V, DC: 12V. Power consumption: AC: 28W, DC: 2.0A. UL-2601 listed. The DSR-11 compact DVCAM video recorder is equipped with i.LINK connector, multi-voltage operation, and both NTSC and PAL playback and recording capability (Note: VTR does not convert NTSC/PAL system signals). The DSR-11 can record and playback in either DVCAM or consumer DV formats, will accommodate both standard and mini size DVCAM and DV cassettes, and is able to be placed in either vertical or horizontal positions. Includes an IEEE1394 interface card for laptops. \

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Mini and Standard Size DV & DVCAM Cassettes
  • Can record in DV or DVCAM mode
  • Includes everything you need to capture and edit video clips and still images from DVCAM on your PC.

  • Optional: DSRM20 - Control S Remote Control Unit with Jog/Shuttle Dial for the DSR-20/25/40/45
  • Optional: VMCIL4415 - 2 meter DV i.LINK cable
  • Optional: VMCIL4435 - Digital Interface Cable
  • Optional: VMCIL4615 - Digital Interface i.LINK Cable




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