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Clocks & Timers for Video

Evertz 1216 L

BCS Price: $1,095.00
Item #:EQ453872N
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Model Description:
16" Diameter analog Clock display with Back lighting.

Model Details

The models 1212 and 1216 multifunction analog clock displays can act as a slave clock display or as a self contained pre-settable master clock.

The introduction of Evertz analog time displays takes master and slave clock technology to new levels of convenience and excellence. The clocks are microprocessor controlled and employ separate direct drive motors for each hand. This means that, as well as being able to set the time almost instantaneously, the new displays are also silent in operation. The hands of the clocks can be programmed to move in sweep mode or in steps.

Each slave clock can be programmed for automatic daylight saving time adjustment, as well as for any time zone offset using a laptop computer. It is then only necessary to supply the clock system with Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) from the master clock. Daylight saving time changes will be automatic, as will adjustments for different time zones.

Each clock can be used as a master or slave clock. When used as a master, it generates timecode for distribution to other slave clocks. In fact, any clock in the chain can generate timecode as soon as it loses timecode input from the master. The system is therefore extremely robust and reliable.

The problems of power distribution have also been considerably simplified. With other clock products, it is necessary to install power outlets wherever clocks are to be located. With the Evertz system slave clocks are powered from a single feed that distributes both power and modulated timecode. The power is introduced at one of the 1212 slave clocks and from there it is distributed to the other downstream clocks. If the system is large, power can be introduced at multiple slave clock locations.

Internal crystal oscillators ensure that the clocks will continue to operate in the absence of input timecode. Internal battery back-up ensures that each clock will continue to keep time in the absence of timecode and power. When power resumes, the hands will immediately reset to the correct time.

Evertz slave clocks are offered in two sizes. Backlighting is available for all models.


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