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Videotape Transfer to Digital files, Mass Media Migration

DVCAM Editor

Sony DSR-2000

SONY / DSR-2000
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Equipment Description:
Drum - 1890

Model Description:
DVCAM Studio Editing Recorder with Double-Scan Playback Capability

Model Details

This VTR has playback compatibility of consumer DV (both SP and LP recorded tapes), DVCPRO (25 Mbps) as well as DVCAM. In addition, The DSR-2000 also has the ability to perform Double-Scan Playback, helping to restore both video and audio of misaligned tape information. The DSR2000 also includes a wider digital slow play range (-x1 to x1), excellent jog audio, built-in video control (TBC), RS-422 interface, and a built-in timecode generator. Analog interfaces (component, S-Video, composite video, and four balanced audio channels), SDI, SDTI (QSDI) and AES/EBU interfaces are standard. Optional i.LINK IEEE 1394 DV I/ O interface boards (DSBK-190) and an SDTI-CP interface boards (DSBK-210) are also available. \


  • The DVCAM Digital Component Recording Format The DVCAM format is the professional extension of the consumer DV format. The DSR-2000 employs the DVCAM format which uses 8-bit digital component recording with 5:1 compression ratio and sampling at the rate of 4:1:1 to provide high picture quality and m
  • Playback Compatibility with All DV (25 Mbps) Format The DSR2000 is designed to support all DV (25Mbps) format recorded tapes, including DV tapes recorded in LP mode and DVCPRO tapes without an adapter.
  • Pre-Read Editing Capability Thanks to newly developed digital processing, the DSR2000 incorporates a preread editing capability never before offered in a 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) VTR. This feature allows the editor to execute a picture transition with effects between two VTRs as well as a
  • DMC (Dynamic Motion Control) Equipped with Sony's Dynamic Motion Control Editor function, the DSR-2000 provides noiseless slow-motion playback within the range of -1 to +1 times normal speed.
  • Functionally Designed Operating Panel Incorporating a front panel with a built-in Jog/Shuttle dial allows two-machine editing. An optional front panel (DSBK-200) enables the editor to perform the functions of the DSR-2000 from a distance of up to 10 m.
  • Excellent Editing Performance Quick, mechanical response time is an essential requirement for professional editing. To achieve this, the DSR-2000 uses a direct reel and drum monitor mechanism. The DSR-2000 has the industry standard RS-422A Sony 9-pin remote control interface. This all
  • Versatile Interfaces All conventional analog interfaces for video, audio and time code are supported by the DSR-2000. In addition, it has digital interfaces such as the SDI, SDTI(QSDIâ„¢), AES/EBU as standards, and i.LINK (DV In/Out), and SDTI (MPEG Out) as options.
  • ClipLinkâ„¢ The DSR-2000's ClipLink function allows for quick and easy editing with other DVCAM camcorders featuring ClipLink or the ES-7 EditStationâ„¢.
  • 4-Channel Audio Editing The DSR-2000 is capable of 4-Channel independent audio editing.

  • Weight - 39 lbs. 1 oz. (18 kg)
  • Size - W x H x D: 16.82 x 6.9 x 19.56 inches (427 x 175 x 496.5mm)
  • Power Consumption - Approx. 110W
  • Video: Composite In - BNC x 2 (Loop Through)
  • Video: S-Video In - DIN 4 pin x 1
  • Video: Component In - BNC x 3 (Y/R-Y/B-Y)
  • Video: REF In - BNC x 2 (Loop Through)
  • Video: Composite Out - BNC x 3 (1 / 2 / 3 - Super)
  • Video: S-Video Out - DIN 4 pin x 1
  • Video: Comp Component Out - BNC x 3 (Y/R-Y/B-Y)
  • Video: REF OUT - BNC x 1
  • Audio: Audio In - XLR 3pin x 4
  • Audio: Audio Out - XLR 3 pin x 4
  • Audio: Monitor - RCA x 1
  • Time Code: TC In - BNC x 1
  • Time Code: TC Out - BNC x 1
  • Digital I/O: SDI In - BNC x 2
  • Digital I/O: SDI Out - BNC x 3
  • Digital I/O: SDTI (QSDI) In - BNC x 1
  • Digital I/O: SDTI (QSDI) Out - BNC x 1
  • Digital I/O: AES/EBU In - BNC x 2
  • Digital I/O: AES/EBU Out - BNC x 2
  • Digital I/O: i.LINK I/O (option) - IEEE-1394 6 pin x1
  • Digital I/O: SDTI Out-MPEG-Out (option) - BNC x 1

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • ClipLinkâ„¢
  • 4-Channel Digital Audio Editing
  • RS-422A Interface
  • Pre-read Function
  • Double-Scan Playback
  • Optional i.LINKâ„¢ IEEE 1394 DV I/O Connection Board

  • CCF3L - Firwire Cable for 6 pin / 6 pin for iLink
  • Supplied: RCC5G/US - RS-422 Cable
  • CCFD3L - Firwire Cable for 4 pin / 6 pin for iLink
  • DSBK190 - i.LINK (DV I/O) Optional Board
  • DSBK200 - Front Panel Extension Kit for DSR-2000
  • DSBK210 - SDTI-CP MPEG Output Board for DSR-2000
  • PDVM12CL - Prof. Dvcam Clean Cass Mini
  • RCC10G/US - RS-422 Cable
  • RCC30G/US - 30 Meter (100 ft) RS-422 Cable
  • RMM130US - 19" Rack Mount Kit

Additional Information

dsr2000 brochure.pdf
dvcam v10749g.pdf
DSR-2000A AP operation manual.pdf

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