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BCS Optical 360 for Spirit

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Item #:EQ518300U
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Model Description:
The only retrofit optical audio for a Spirit DataCine, include 35mm and 16mm pickups.

Model Details

The Optical360 was designed by Sandy Klivans as the finest optical audio retrofit (the only one) for your Spirit DataCine. Properly installed and aligned, the optical 360 will rival the sound quality of a Spirit with built in optical audio. The Optical360 has been assembled and carefully pre-aligned on a Spirit DataCine.

Optical Sound Reader
The majority of Spirit Datacines were sold without the ability to reproduce audio from the optical audio track on a motion picture film. This leaves the machine as a picture only transfer device. Optical sound tracks must be read on a separate device, requiring two passes, resulting in a waste of time, extra equipment, and increasing the risk of damage to the film.

The Point 360 Optical Sound Reader "Optical 360" is designed to be mounted on a Spirit Datacine with no modifications required to the Spirit. It play back the optical sound track from most types of motion picture films (including cyan tracks) at the same time as the picture, saving money and reducing wear on the film.

The Optical 360 consists of a base unit, a red LED light source, an optical pickup, and an audio preamp that converts the output of the optical pickup into an analog audio signal ready to be sent to the user’s audio mixing equipment. 35mm and 16mm pickups are available and use a common base, so converting between film formats is quick and easy. The only additional equipment Spirit users need to supply are an audio mixer with one stereo analog input, and an audio delay unit capable of 20 frames delay.

Installation is simple and audio alignment films are included so alignement can be easily performed by any competent technician.

Additional Information

Optical 360 Warranty (1).pdf
Point 360 Optical Sound Reader Overview (4).pdf

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