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A V Conferencing Equipment

BIAMP Advantage DMD

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Item #:MO683617
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Advantage DMD (Device Matching Driver)

Model Details

The Advantage DMD Device Matching Driver provides four channels of signal balancing and level conversion, allowing interconnection of devices which have different input/output capabilities.Propoer interface between balanced/unbalanced and lin/mic devices is made possible.The DMD is designed to be used with other SYSTEM ONE modules or in any sound system.

DMD features include:
- four independent channels of device mathcing functions
- provides unbalanced input to balanced output conversion
- provides balanced input to unbalanced output conversion
- provides line level or mic level output from a line level input
- internal jumpers sums channel 1 input to channel 2 output
- internal jumpers sum alny or all inputs to channel 4 output
- balanced differential input & balanced cross-coupled output
- plug-in barrier strip on each channel for easy connection
- one TRS 1/4" jack provieds input and output on each channel
- DC In/Out for use with other SYSTEM ONE modules
- optional power supply allows independent use in any system

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