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Standard Converter

Snell & Wilcox Alchemist Ph.C SD 3RU

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Item #:MO790747
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
10 bit Motion Compensated Standards Converter SD to SD Converter with analog and digital I/O

Model Details

Alchemist Ph.C is a technological breakthrough. It is the worlds first all digital 10-bit motion compensated standards converter incorporating Ph.C, phase correlation motion compensation, the most powerful and most accurate technique of motion compensation available. Alchemist Ph.C delivers stunningly sharp and smooth output pictures that are free from the artifacts traditionally associated with standards conversion such as judder, blurring, smearing and break-up. This is the finest standards converter available today and also offers future-proof technology to customers with their eye on the longer term. Phase correlation is complex, but provides the highest quality motion compensation. Alchemist Ph.C cuts no corners and makes no compromises in achieving its goal of sharp, crisp, judder-free Alchemist Ph.C uses the most advanced systems to provide standards conversion between all broadcast television sources (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC 4.433). Inputs and outputs can be D1 or analogue composite, RGB, Y/C, YUV. Facilities are provided for color correction, noise reduction and video enhancement. The unit is supplied suitable for free standing or rack mount use.



• Compact 3RU size – practical for portable applications
as well as mobiles, studio installation and rental

• Top performance: Ultimate in video conversion
performance using Ph.C – no complaints about
conversion quality!

• User Interface: Intuitive color touch screen

• Dual redundant PSUs: helps ensure continuous on-air
live operation

• Aspect ratio converter – built in

• Video I/Os: SDI and analog composite interfaces cover
99% of video applications

• Audio I/Os: Embedded, AES and analog cover 99%
of audio requirements

• CleanCut video cuts at the input appear as cuts at
the output, maintaining the precise look of the material

• RollCall: the remote monitoring and control that is
needed to operate broadcast systems

• Peace of mind: dual power supplies and RollCall
software lower risk of outage or failure

• All in one box: easy installation and low engineering risk

Additional Detailed Information:

Additional Information

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