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Misc. Test Equipment

Sencore CP5001

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Item #:MO795287
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
"Pocket PC" ColorPro All-Display Color Analyzer

Model Details

The CP5001 has a portable, hand-held display that makes it easy to align video displays on location - the home theater, mall, medical operating room, convention center, and more.


  • Align color tracking and luminance levels on ALL video display types for the best performance, and to industry specifications
  • The easy-to-use graphical interface greatly decreases calibration time with easy-to-follow measurement screens. The CIE and RGB screens make calibrations simple by illustrating exactly which colors need adjusting
  • Continuously updated readings, lets you calibrate video displays with flexibility not found with the 'single-shot' reading capabilities of a spectroradiometer
  • The measurement specifications are similar to those found on lab-grade instruments and are NIST traceable
  • Custom report software lets you download calibration data to a PC for documentation, data storage and report generation
  • Attractive, durable carrying case protects your CP5001 between calibration jobs

  • Measurements : xyY, Luminance (Foot Lamberts or cd/m2), Delta RGB,Color Temperature, Delta Exy
  • Measurement Update Rate : Averaging: Adjustable
  • White References : D65, D50, E, D55, D75, C, 3000K to 12000K in 500 K steps,Custom, Custom Capture; an unlimited number of custom references can be saved to memory
  • Host System : Pocket PC 2002 or higher
  • Operating Temperature : 10 to 25?C
  • Operating Relative Humidity : 10 ? 80% (non-condensing)
  • Operating Altitude : Sea level to 10,000 feet
  • Accuracy Specifications : @ 20?C, relative to NIST certified reference at D65
  • ColorPro III : Accuracy:xy: ? 0.002; (@ 65 cd/m2 minimum) Y: ? 2%; Repeatability: xy: ? 0.002; (same-sensor/no-dismount)Y: ? 1%; Luminance Range: 0.05 ? 800 cd/m2; 0.01 - 233 foot Lamberts
  • ColorPro IV : Accuracy: xy: ? 0.004; (@ 65 cd/m2 minimum) Y: ? 2%; Repeatability: xy: ? 0.002; (same-sensor/no-dismount) Y: ? 1%; Luminance Range: 3 ? 350 cd/m2; -0.9 - 102 foot Lamberts; Sensor Field of View: 10? (?5?)

Additional Information

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