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Production Fly-Pack

B&B Systems M216-10 Camera HD-SDI Flypack

NEW BCS Price: $393,600.00
Item #:MO814101N
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Model Description:
Upgraded Six camera HD-SDI flypack 1080i/720p ProHD cameras w/fibre for up to 2000' cable

Model Details

This fully integrated HD-SDI production system includes Six camcorders in studio configuration with 7" LCD viewfinders, zoom & focus controls and RCU remote control panels for shading. Using HD-SDI fibre adapters, the cameras connect with up to 2000 feet of light weight fibre/coax cable to the 8 input HD-SDI portable production switcher with HD monitoring. The system records compressed 1080i/720p HD video direct to disk with a single channel HD DDR configured with 4:2:2 DVC-ProHD 100Mbs ingest/playout and 1TB mirrored SATA RAID for 10 Hours of storage networkable over gigabit ethernet for easy file transfers. The system also features an HD character generator, a complete two channel RTS intercom and wireless IFB system and a 16 channel audio mixer with two hand-held and six lavalier wireless microphone kits. The system is fully engineered and integrated into ready to roll custom flight cases.

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Additional Detailed Information:


B&B Systems M216-10

The industry is changing. Enter the new era of broadcasting, enter HD.  At B&B Systems, we strive to maintain the level of excellence and quality that has come to be our trademark in this highly competitive market. Long ago we realized the publics need for an affordable, reliable and customizable HD system, to that end, we offer our M216 package.

                HD Production in a Box

With the rising demand for location shoots, logistics are becoming an increasing concern for production companies. At times, renting a full-scale production truck is not cost effective for the project. Our systems have been designed to pack into custom built Flight Pack cases, which allow for maximum portability, ease of storage and lowered setup times. The integration of the system into these cases also offers more protection for the delicate electronics within, so you can transport your entire setup to any location in the world with minimum hassle.


The M216 comes standard with 6 studio configured cameras. It also allows you to shoot in both High and Standard definition. Optional Camplex fiber application expands the capability to 1500-2500 ft.


The M216 package makes full production capabilities available to you with onsite HD-Graphics, full audio configurations, a full communications suite and basic editing capabilities.

          Studio level switcher, on-site portability

The M216 allows you to have an 8 input switcher at your immediate, on-site disposal. The HD/SDI switcher, boasting multi-format and auto-sensing functionality, multiple outputs combined with a compact size and single frame construction translates into unprecedented capability and ease of transportation.

          Signal Monitoring

Multiple camera setups have unique needs when it comes to signal monitoring. We use HD/SDI monitors for your main program and preview station, while we employ rack mounted dual HD/SDI monitors to enable you to keep an eye on your sources and HD signal. We provide multiple format recording decks for your various needs, enabling you to record in MPEG-2, DV-Cam and HD MPEG-2 quality or other formats.

          Personnel Communications

RTS intercoms are widely recognized as the most advanced, reliable and user friendly intercom systems in the world. When you are in charge of keeping a production crew in constant communication, why settle for anything less? The RTS solution included in the M216 allows for instantaneous communication between the Director, Producer TD and all of the camera operators. For ease of deployment, we have designed this to run multicore parallel to the Camplex HD/SDI fiber system.


Recording in DAT, CD or HDD format has never been easier. The M216 comes standard with a 24 track recorder and an 8 wireless microphone setup. Also included are audio limiters, speakers, monitors and amplifiers. Microphone setup can be expanded to suit your company’s needs as necessary.

          HD CG

On site HD graphics are a reality with the M216, using a resolution independent CG program that runs on a G5 tower, or a laptop. Utilizing a Blackmagic video card, simply output the signal in HD/SDI, and send it to your Downstream Queue on your switcher. Using a laptop for CG? Transfer the signal to your Convergent LE design box via Firewire, and connect it to the switcher.

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