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Audio Mixer

Graham-Patten D/ESAM 200

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Item #:EQ432315U
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Model Description:
4 channel Digital audio mixer for video editing combining digital & analog sources

Model Details

The D/ESAM 200 is a four channel digital audio mixer designed for video editing in applications that use a combination of digital and analog sources.Operators already familiar with the D/ESAM 400 and D/ESAM 820 mixers can easily operate the D/ESAM 200.


The D/ESAM 200 mixer provides a complete range of capabilities:

· Input flexibility
 The standard system provides 8 digital inputs.  The system also accommodates two optional boards (in either analog or digital format) of four inputs each ¾ for a maximum configuration of 16 inputs.  Because internal audio processing is fully digital, input format can be a mix of both analog and digital inputs.
· Output flexibility
 Ten D/ESAM audio outputs are standard: 

- four analog program outputs
- two sets of two dual-channel digital program outputs
- two analog preview (Monitor) outputs.

· Mixing
 Up to 16 audio signals can be actively mixed at one time, using any combination of analog and digital sources.
· Display
 System status displays and many system functions are centralized on a concise LCD screen.  A variety of comprehensive status "views" are available for instant assessment of all mixer parameters.
· Preview Switcher
 A 4-channel Preview Switcher is standard, eliminating the need for an external Preview Switcher.  The built-in Preview Switcher simulates a record machine's EE switching.

· Monitoring
 Any input or combination of inputs can be monitored in two-channel or mono configurations.  In addition, a separate monitor mix can be set independent of a program/preset mix. 
· Input programming
 Any input track can be assigned to any combination of the four output buses.  This allows complete flexibility for assigning inputs, swapping inputs and mixing a single input to multiple output buses.
· Memory control

A memory system called "D/MEM" allows you to store and recall panel "snapshots" in an array of internal storage registers.
· Machine assignment control
 Source machines are assigned "logical" machine names, such as A, B, R or AX.  This provides a simple interface familiar to most video editors. 
· Channel assignment control
 Sources are not "hard-wired" to specific faders.  An individual input or an entire logical machine can be assigned to a specific fader channel.

· Edit control
 The D/ESAM 200's interface with computer editing systems provides full four-channel control of sources, transitions, rates and preview through Graham-Patten ESAM II protocol.


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