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Darim Vision FDSR2000

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BCS Price: $17,949.95
Item #:EQ439480N
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Model Description:
Multi-channel slow motion playout for sports and entertainment programs

Model Details

For broadcast quality slow motion playback it is necessary to have more than 30 fps of video. Otherwise, playback appears jerky and distorted. This is why a professional slow motion replay server is needed. It is not enough to simply insert the same image between frames. The FDSR2000 Slow Motion Replay Server interpolates the video between frames with an intelligent algorithm to create broadcast quality slow motion playback.

The FDSR2000 can simultaneously record up to 4 unsynchronized camera inputs and store the compressed video in large memory cache and on internal hard disk drives. FDSR2000 server utilizes several kinds of very intuitive easy-to-use controls optimized for instant access to the event (goal, foul, accident). All on-screen controls are re-sizable which is best for touch-screen LCD panels. The operator can easily mark all four video feeds simultaneously with one button. Then choose the best camera angle and locate the best frame to begin playback with. Slow motion control can either be done by selecting pre-set speeds or through a dynamic, real-time slide bar (fluid speed control). The time interval between the actual event and start of its slow motion replay can be as low as 2 seconds! After the game finishes, the FDSR2000 server operator may use the marked events in the recorded video to prepare a collection of game highlights.

Advanced recording and playback of various sport games
Instant slow motion replay of fast paced live events
Analysis of strategy, technique, player style and important moments during training session or game

Up to 4 live channel recording and slow motion replay
Simultaneous recording, marking, random access, playback
Broadcast quality slow/fast motion with adjustable speed between 5% and 200%
Easy-to-use intuitive controls minimize human errors
Instant switching between live feeds (playback angles)
Interface with other equipments using GPI and RS232
Ability to replay the highlights after the game

Additional Detailed Information:

Instant Slow Motion Replay Server

Model Line Up

Analog: Composite/S-Video/Component video inputs and outputs
Digital: Additional SDI input/output

Input/output resolution720 x 480(NTSC), 720 x 576(PAL)720 x 480(NTSC), 720 x 576(PAL)
Video inputsComposite, S-Video, Component
SDI (optional)
Composite, S-Video, Component
SDI (optional)
Number of inputs2 analogor
1 analog + 1 SDI optional
4 analogor
2 analog + 2 SDI optional
Number of outputs1 (analog and SDI optional)1 (analog and SDI optional)
Human interfaceKeyboard, touch screenKeyboard, touch screen
External interfaceGPI, RS232GPI, RS232
Additional Equipment (recommended)3 preview video monitors (2 inputs, 1 output)5 preview video monitors (4 inputs, 1 output)


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