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Audio Mixer

Midas XL-200

MIDAS / XL-200
BCS Price: $4,915.16
Item #:EQ501952U
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Equipment Description:
Excellent Condition - configured with: 40 audio channels broken out as 32 mono, 8 stereo pairs, 8 VCA’s,8 sub groups & P

Model Description:
multiple analog consoles in stock, with 36 to 52 audio channels

Equipment Details

This console is configured with:
40 audio channels:
32 mono channels
8 stereo pairs (16 channels total)
8 VCA’s (6 mono 2 stereo) and 8 sub groups
1 XL 2900 power supplies
1 spare power supplies needing repair.

A client of ours who bought one is very happy with it, he use it on many productions. He will be glad to consult with you if needed.

because of the low price on special, this is sold AS IS.

Additional Information:
Back of Device:

Front Close Up:


Power Supply:

Model Details

Mic Inputs.
The XL200 features a state of the art Analogue Devices mic
amplifier which assures low distortion and excellent amplifier
stability, RF rejection and noise performance.
Line inputs.
A separate Hi Z line input is incorporated which is ideal for
playback of recorded material.
Direct Outputs.
Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard
making multi-track recording a simple task.
The sonic performance of the legendary Midas equaliser is
maintained including parametric mid's with sweepable frequency
and switched ‘Q’. The treble and bass sections have the
traditional Midas wide frequency range shelving characteristic.
Each channel has a half normalised fully balanced insert send
and return point which can be switched in or out from the front
panel and set as either pre or post equaliser.
Input metering.
These peak reading meters cover a 30dB range in 3dB steps and
monitor pre fader signals.
Audio busses.
Each channel can be routed to any combination of 21 audio
busses comprising of 8 aux'es, 6 mono groups, 2 stereo groups 2
stereo masters and 1 mono master. All switchable on the module
front panel.
VCA and mute busses.
Each channel can be controlled by any combination of the 8
VCA master faders and 8 mute masters. Assignment of these
busses is again switchable on the module front panel. Mutes may
also be controlled by the optional automation system. A safe
switch disconnects the channel from all mute groups.
Audio groups.
The main audio groups may also be assigned to any of the 8
automute groups. A safe switch is again included for each group.
The input for the groups is derived from the 10 group busses.
The master module provides the main left, right and mono
console outputs. A solo to master facility is incorporated on the
left and right outputs to aid the engineer at sound checks.
The 8 matrix outputs are a part of the group modules, and derive
their signals from the 6 mono audio groups, 2 stereo groups, left
and right masters and mono master. creating a 13 X 8 matrix.
Output meters.
32 peak reading led bargraph meters (each covering a 60dB
range in 3dB steps) are used to monitor all the group outputs i.e.
6 mono groups, 2 stereo groups, 8 matrix, and 8 auxiliary. 3 VU
meters are used for the left, right, and mono outputs. They also
automatically monitor the left, right, and mono solo functions
The Optional Midi Automation.
The Midi automation system provides 10 mute groups, 128
snapshots of mute settings and a solo-in-place mode which can
be used alongside the conventional PLF/AFL system.


XL200 Stats and Overview

8 mono aux groups = 8

6 mono audio sub groups = 6

2 stereo audio sun groups = 4

1 stereo master = 2

1 mono master = 1

1 stereo Solo = 2

1 mono Solo = 1

8 automute groups, and 8

input channel VCA sub

groups which include VCA

sun group muting.

48, 40, 32, 24 or 16 input

channels with separate line

and mic inputs.

The 52 input XL200 has a

total XLR input count of 75

as follows:

52 channel mic inputs

8 aux bus inject inputs

10 audio group bus inject inputs

8 matrix bus inject inputs

3 master bus inject inputs

1 comms input

1 solo

The 52 input XL200 has a

total XLR output count of 32

as follows:

8 aux outputs

10 audio group outputs

8 matrix outputs

3 master outputs

2 local outputs

1 talk outputs

The 52 input XL200 has a

total of 44 balanced jack line


The 52 input XL200 has a

total of 146 balanced jacks

for inserts (arranged pairs) as


52 input channel inserts sends

52 input channel inserts returns

10 audio group inserts sends

10 audio group inserts returns

8 matrix insert sends

8 matrix returns

3 matrix insert sends

3 matrix insert returns

The XL200 has a peak

programme meters with 10

LED segments for each input

and 20 LED segments meters

for each output.

XL200 configurations:

52 Input XL200 44 mono inputs/4

stereo inputs

44 Input XL200 36 mono

inputs/4stereo inputs

36 Input XL200 28 mono

inputs/4stereo inputs

24 Input XL200 24 mono inputs

16 Input XL200 16 mono inputs

XL200-32 extender 32 mono or

stereo inputs

XL200-24 extender 24 mono or

stereo inputs

XL200-16 extender 16 mono or

stereo inputs

Note: Mono + Stereo input

modules are interchangeable


XL200 Technical Specifications

Input Impedance Mic 2k Balanced

Line 20k Balanced

Input Gain

(all faders at 0dB)

Mic Continuously variable


+6dB to +60dB

Mic + Pad Continuously variable


-14dB to +40dB


Continuously variable

from Line Input - 10dB to

+ 20dB

All other Line

Inputs 0dB

Maximum Input


Mic + 15dBu

Mic + Pad + 35dBu

Channel Line Inputs + 26dBu

All other Line

Inputs + 21dBu

CMR at 1kHz Mic (gain + 60dB) > 70dB

Mic + Pad (gain

+40dB) > 50dB

Line > 40dB


Response (20 to


Mic to Mix

(gain + 60dB)

+ 0dB to - 1dB

Line to Mix + 0dB to - 1dB


(20 to 20kHz)

Mic EIN ref. 150

Ohms (gain +

60dB) - 128dBu

Line EIN ref. 150

Ohms (gain +

10dB) - 100dBu

System Noise

(20 to 20kHz)

Summing Noise

(12 channels routed

with faders down) - 86dB

Line to Mix Noise

(12 channels routed

at 0dB, pan centre) - 81dB

Summing Noise ( 48 channels routed

with faders down ) - 80dB

Line to Mix Noise

( 48 channels routed

at 0dB, pan centre ) - 75dB

Distortion at 1kHz Mic to Mix (+ 60dB

gain, 0dBu output) < 0.03%

Line to Mix (0dBu) < 0.03%

Crosstalk at 1kHz Channel to Channel < - 100dB

Mix to Mix < - 90dB

Channel to Mix < - 90dB

Maximum Fader

attenuation > 90dB

Output Impedance All Line Outputs 50 Ohms Balanced

Source to drive > 600


Headphones To drive > 8 Ohms


Comms ( Bi -

directional )

600 Ohms Nominal


Maximum Output

Level All Line Outputs + 21dBu

Headphones + 21dBu ( 8W into 8

Ohms )

Comms ( Bi -

directional ) -10dBu

Nominal Signal

Level Mic - 60dBu to + 14dBu

Channel Line Inputs - 20dBu to + 6dBu

All other Line 0dBu

Headphones +10dBu

Comms - 20dBu

Comms and Talk

Mic - 50dBu to - 20dBu

Headroom at all


Comms, Talk and

Headphone >10dB

All other signals >20dB

Input Metering 10 led peak reading

Range - 25dBu to + 12dBu

Colour Green Up to + 3dBu Normal


Colour Yellow + 6dBu to + 9dBu High


Colour Red + 12dBu Signal Too High

Quantity 77 ( Monitoring all main

inputs and outputs )

Equaliser Hi pass slope 12dB / Oct

Hi pass frequency Continuously variable

-3dB point from 20Hz to


Treble Gain Continuously variable

+ 15 dB to - 15dB

Centre detent = 0dB

Treble Shelving


Continuously variable

- 3dB point from 2k to


Hi Mid Gain Continuously variable

+ 15 dB to - 15dB

Centre detent = 0dB

Hi Mid Freq. Continuously variable

centre from 400Hz to 8k

Hi Mid Bandwidth Switchable 0.5 Oct. and

1.0 Oct.

Lo Mid Gain Continuously variable

+ 15 dB to - 15 dB

Centre detent = 0dB

Lo Mid Freq. Continuously variable

centre from 100Hz to 2k

Lo Mid Bandwidth Switchable 0.5 Oct. and

1.0 Oct.

Bass Gain Continuously variable

+ 15 dB to - 15 dB

Centre detent = 0dB

Bass Shelving Freq. Continuously variable

- 3dB point from 20Hz to


Dimensions &


Dimensions Width (52 Input XL200)

1986mm/ 78.18 inches

(44 Input XL200) 1736mm/ 68.35 inches

(36 Input XL200) 1486mm/ 58.50 inches

(24 Input XL200) 1236mm/ 48.66 inches

(16 Input XL200) 986mm/ 38.82 inches

(XL200-32 extender) 1236mm/ 48.66 inches

(XL200-24 extender) 986mm/ 38.82 inches

(XL200-16 extender) 375mm/ 14.76 inches

Depth (all consoles) 1020mm/ 40.16 inches

Height (all consoles) 375mm/ 14.76 inches

Additional Information


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