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Misc. Digital Equipment

Snell & Wilcox Steadfast Ph. C

BCS Price: $2,940.25
Item #:EQ504621U
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Equipment Description:
Fair Condition - with alchemist 2 RMPV ME1 CNF2A, RmpvMe1phc1z, Archangel Unsteadiness & flicker optimiser...

Model Description:
Unsteadiness and Flicker Correction System. SD/SDI, 2 input and output.

Equipment Details

total of Boards (5)
1)alchemist 2 control board RMPV ME1 CNF2A mod level 1 (top board)
2)RmpvMe1phc1z (mod level 1)phase correlation processor Board.
3)Archangel Unsteadiness & flicker optimiser Rmpbr Aurofo1y Board.
4)Rmpt Arcint1b Mod level 1 Board.
5)Rmpe D100PI2B Board.

Additional Information:


Model Details

Unsteadiness and Flicker Corrector
The real-time solution to picture instability in film/video-originated material. Film-originated material can exhibit a number of imperfections that are inherent in the medium in which the footage was first shot. These impairments - unsteadiness and flicker, for example - will remain even when the film is transferred to analog or digital video, and can in some cases be increased. To ensure these are effectively removed during the film-to-video transfer, Snell & Wilcox has developed Steadfast, a real-time solution to common film errors


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