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Encoder and/or Decoder

Evertz 7760CCM-HD+3RU

BCS Price: $2,100.00
Item #:EQ505399N
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Model Description:
HD-SDI/SD-SDI Closed Caption CEA-608/CEA-708 Translator, Decoder & Analyzer w/ 3RU Plate

Model Details

The 7760CCM-HD Closed Caption module is a CEA-608 to CEA-708 closed caption translator, decoder and analyzer that extends the signal monitoring capabilities of the Evertz monitoring product line by focusing on closed captions and extended data services (XDS).

The 7760CCM-HD has the capability to translate CEA-608 closed captions to CEA-708 closed captions and vice versa, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for both caption domains. The module supports the ability to format closed caption data into SMPTE 333M or Grand Alliance format for RS-232 closed caption transfer.

The auto-detecting program input supports both high and standard definition video formats, and comes equipped with a bypass relay, which will maintain the program path in the event of a power failure.

The 7760CCM-HD provides both a CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed caption decoder. The 7760CCM-HD also provides a detailed and comprehensive status display to the current state of the closed caption data. This status display can inform operators quickly if an error was detected.

The 7760CCM-HD occupies one card slot and can be housed in either a 1RU frame which will hold up to 3 modules, a 3RU frame which will hold up to 15 modules or a standalone enclosure which will hold 1 module.


  • CEA-608 / CEA-708 translator provides SMPTE 333M or Grand Alliance format output for RS-232 raw caption data transfer
  • Supports SMPTE 333M and Grand Alliance Protocol for convenient interface to most ATSC Encoders
  • Built in bypass relay on program output video path
  • Auto-detect SMPTE 259M (143 to 540Mb/s), SMPTE 292M (1.5Gb/s) signal input
  • Monitoring output decodes and displays upstream CEA-608 and CEA-708 captions
  • XDS packet insertion onto the program video output
  • Decodes XDS packets containing TSID, CGMS-A, Program ID, Time in Show, Program Name, Program Type, V-Chip Rating, Program Description, Network Name, Station ID, Time of Day and Time of Zone
  • User configurable presets
  • Closed caption line shift (up and/or down) via GPI trigger
  • VistaLINK® capable offering remote monitoring and control via SNMP (using VistaLINK® PRO) when installed in 7700FR-C frame with a 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller
Program Input
StandardSMPTE 259M-C, SMPTE 292M
Number of Inputs1
ConnectorBNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
EqualizationAutomatic to 100m @ 1.5Gb/s with Belden 1694A (or equivalent)
Automatic to 250m @ 270Mb/s with Belden 1694A (or equivalent)
Return Loss> 10dB up to 1.5Gb/s
Program Output
StandardSame as input
Number of Outputs1
ConnectorBNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
Signal Level800mV nominal
DC Offset0V ±0.5V
Rise/Fall Time200ps nominal
Overshoot< 10% of amplitude
Return Loss> 10dB up to 1.5Gb/s
Wideband Jitter< 0.2UI
Monitoring Output
StandardSame as input
Number of Outputs1
ConnectorBNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
Signal Level800mV nominal
Rise/Fall Time200ps nominal @ SMPTE 292M
740ps nominal @ SMPTE 259M-C
Overshoot< 10% of amplitude
Return Loss> 12dB up to 1.5Gb/s, > 15dB up to 270Mb/s
General Purpose Interface (GPI) Input/Output
Number of Inputs4
Number of Outputs2
TypeOpto-isolated, active low with internal pull-ups to +5V
ConnectorFemale High Density DB-15
Signal Level+5V nominal
Serial Port
ConnectorFemale DB-15
Baud Rate19200/38400/57600
Format8-bits, no parity, 1 stop bits and no flow control
Voltage+12V DC
Power12 Watts
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive
Number of Slots1


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