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360 Systems HD1200

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Item #:EQ512872U
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Equipment Description:
1 Ch record and 2/3 Ch playback

Model Description:
HD server with HDMI output

Equipment Details

MAXX-1200 HD Delivers More
It’s no surprise that 360 Systems’ new High
Definition MAXX-1200 HD follows the tradition
of the highly acclaimed Image Server family.
The MAXX-1200 establishes an important new
standard for quality and performance among
broadcast servers—three video channels,
four Terabytes of internal storage, and
a great set of production tools—all in a
compact, low-cost package.
Three HD Channels
MAXX-1200 plays three high-definition video
streams at once, while ingesting another via
Ethernet. It also serves as a graphics store, with
linked key-and-fill capabilities. Standard features
include SDI video I/O (with frame synchronization)
for recording wild sources like tape, camera or
satellite feeds. Eight channels of embedded
audio and two channels of +4 analog audio are
provided for each video stream. For surround,
audio is easily expanded to a total of 24 channels.
Better Images with JPEG 2000
JPEG-2000 has distinguished itself for
near-lossless encoding of images, and
almost complete freedom from visual
artifacts. It sets a new level of image quality
for High Definition, well-suited for production
and broadcast. JPEG-2000 is a first choice
for many new cameras and servers; and its
easy-to-edit I-frame format is accepted by an
increasing number of NLEs. The MAXX-1200 HD
runs at a wide range of video rates, making it
an excellent choice for production, broadcast,
and even high-quality projection.
Workflows for the Next Generation
MAXX-1200 HD supports file-based work-flows
through its fast Gigabit Ethernet link. SDI inputs
and outputs, plus analog and digital audio
formats, make it a smooth fit for production,
broadcast, and Pro AV. Fully compatible with
leading automation, MAXX-1200 HD is ideally
suited for play-to-air, caching satellite feeds,
key-and-fill graphics, remote trucks, plus
slow-motion for sports.

Applications Include
• HD Storage and Play-to-Air
• Sports Slow-Motion
• Key-and-Fill playout
• Sync’d 3-channel playout
• Satellite program cache
• High-resolution displays
• Sports and entertainment
• Video Instant Replay
• Cable/Satellite head-ends
• Theme parks and attractions
• Churches and public halls


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