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BCS Price: $86,399.00
Item #:EQ518281U
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Equipment Description:
6 HD channel server with slowmo

Model Description:
Instant production server

Model Details

The XT[2]® is an instant storage device. This production server allows broadcasters, in real-time, to record, control, and
play media easily, quickly, and intelligently. Originally developed for the fast-paced environment of sports production, the
XT[2]® has become the field-proven basis for workflows in any live or near-live mobile and studio production.
The XT[2]® offers permanent multi-cameras/multi-channels ingest of audio and video content in SD or HD originated
from any source. Up to 6 channels (e.g. recording of 3 cameras and 3 play-backs), its internal 3.0 TB capacity is able to
store around 250 hours of TV at bitrates up to 200 Mbps. Fully scalable and upgradable, it offers unique performance for
playback, on-the-fly editing or for transfer to post production, local or central storage, archiving and more.


Production server

Mechanical & electrical specifications

Physical Dimensions 19-inch enclosure, including configurable rear connector panel

4RU - Size (H x D x W) : 177 x 600 x 438mm / 6.967” x 23.6” x 17.2”

6RU - Size (H x D x W) : 266 x 600 x 438mm / 10.5” x 23.6” x 17.2”

Power requirements Single / Dual (cold swap) Power supply: 100-240V, 47-63%, 550W max.

Redundant Power supply (hot swap): 90-264V, 47-63%, 550W max.

Environmental Conditions Operating temperature : 10°C to 40°C

Storage temperature : -40°C to 70°C

Humidity : 90% max. non condensing

Two versions : 4RU 6RU

Maximum number of video channels 4 channels 6 channels

Power supply Single Hot or cold swappable, redundant

Remote Control Protocols 4x RS-422, 2x RS-232 6x RS-422, 2x RS-232

Weight 28kg / 61.6 lb 32.5 kg/ 71.5 lb

Technical specifications

Video system EVS XT[2] Server available as HD, SD, selectable HD/SD, or SD with “HD ready”

Up to 6 video channels in any in/out configuration

HD-SDI : SMPTE 292M, 10-bit; 1080i 50/59.94Hz; 720p 50/59.94Hz; pass-through of SMPTE 334M ancillary data

SDI : SMPTE 259M, ITU-R601, 10-bit; 625i 50Hz; 525i 59.94Hz

Full frame synchronizer on each input

Built-in downconverter with broadcast quality for each HD video channel (input & output)

2 monitoring outputs with switchable super-imposed timecode and channel status per video channel : 1 x HD-SDI or SDI

+ 1 x SDI/CVBS (software switchable)

Video Compression (HD)

M-JPEG – User selectable bitrate 20-250Mbps

Avid DNxHD® (120/145Mbps)

Avid DNxHD® High Level (185/220Mbps)

VC-3 (SMPTE 2019-1; Avid-compatible) 100Mbps

Apple ProRes® 4:2:2 (120/145Mbps)

Apple ProRes® 4:2:2 HQ (185/220Mbps )

MPEG-2 i-fframe – User selectable bitrate 20-250Mbps


Video Compression (SD) M-JPEG – User selectable bitrate 8-100Mbps

IMX D-10 (SMPTE 356M) 30/40/50Mbps

Audio System

Up to 48 uncompressed audio tracks at 20 or 24 bits 48KHz

Sample rate conversion at input from 25-55KHz to 48KHz

Audio level adjustment at input and output

Built-in audio router

Scrub audio support

Dolby-E® support (pass-through and cut edit)

Analog Balanced : 8 inputs (4 pairs) + 8 outputs (4 pairs) + 4 monitoring outputs (2 pairs) on XLR (110 ? balanced)

Discrete AES/EBU (SMPTE 272M) : 16 inputs (8 pairs) + 16 outputs (8 pairs) on XLR (110 ? balanced) or BNC

(75 ? unbalanced)

Embedded : up to16 audio channels per video channel on 75 ? BNC ; SD : SMPTE 259M; HD : SMPTE 299M

Disk Storage Internal storage, 4/6RU chassis : 5 x 73/146/300GB

Internal storage, 5/7RU chassis : 10 x 73/146/300GB

External storage, additional 3RU chassis : 5, 10 or 15 x 73/146/300GB (replaces internal disk storage)

Recording Capacity (HD at

100Mbps with 8 audio tracks)

5 x 73/146/300GB : 6h / 12h / 24h

10 x 73/146/300GB : 12h / 24h / 48h

15 x 73/146/300GB : 18h / 36h / 72h

Recording Capacity (SD at

30Mbps with 4 audio tracks)

5 x 73/146/300GB : 18h / 36h / 75h

10 x 73/146/300GB : 36h / 75h / 151h

15 x 73/146/300GB : 48h / 111h / 227h

Genlock Tri-Level Sync and Analog Black & Burst

2 BNC, 75 ? with loop-through

Timecode LTC : SMPTE12M; 1 input + 1 output on XLR (110 ? balanced)



Networking XNet[2] 1.5Gbps in & out on BNC

XNet 540Mbps in & out on BNC

2 x Gigabit Ethernet on RJ45 (import/export of audio/video files) – Jumbo Frames 9000 bytes

Controls Ports : 6 x RS422 (6RU chassis) or 4 x RS422 (4RU chassis); 2 x RS232; 12 x GPI (4 in, 4 out, 4 configurable)

Protocols : Harris VDCP; Odetics; Sony BVW75; Thomson XtenDD35; EVS AVSP

1 x Ethernet on RJ45 (maintenance)


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