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1/2 inch VTR EIAJ & Open Reel to Reel

Sony AV-3650

SONY / AV-3650
Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

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Item #:EQ701111U
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Equipment Description:
Premium Condition - Refurbished for digital archive and preservation.

Model Description:
1/2" helical scan EIAJ Reel to Reel Black and White editing VTR ( We only sell refurbished units)

Model Details

open reel/ rec/play 1/2" helical scan EIAJ Black and White editing VTR
( We only sell refurbished units)

The AV-3650 is a compact, portable EIAJ type 1 video tape recorder with a capstan servo electron-ics editing system, as well as many other special features. For recording, it has manual level con-trols for both video and audio signals in addition to SONY-MATIC fully automatic gain controls. Two separate illuminated level meters are on the front panel for easy level adjustment. The capstan servo, roll free, electronic editing system, is now featured in this compact, portable machine. The playback signal from the recorded tape is locked in to the incoming sync or composite signal by the capstan servo system so that the editing may be accomplished without disturbing the flow of vertical sync. Audio dubbing is another feature for recording which works for audio after recording without erasing the video signal. For playback, the AV-3650 features high resolution, sharp picture with variable slow motion, and stop motion modes. The RF output meter, for your best playback results, is on the front panel to indicate maximum RF signal output. The optional RF modulator, easily attached, works to playback picture and sound through the antenna terminal of any regular TV Set. The AV-3650 is beautifully designed, portable video tape recorder with full features for recording and playback. It is ideal for any video tape application of educational, industrial, government, or professional users.


The SONY Model AV-3650 is a video tape recorder based on EIAJ standards and incorporates the following features.
1. Audio and video recording levels can be con-trolled automatically or manually by the setting of the AGC/MANUAL switch. In the AGC position, the SONY-MATIC recording system assures perfect recording with very little effort. Audio and video level meters are provided for setting levels manually.
2. A capstan servo mechanism is employed for increased stability.
3. Resolution is more than 300 lines.
4. A still playback picture can be obtained by setting the Function Selector to PAUSE. Slow motion tape speed can be varied by turning the
SLOW SPEED control.
5. New video and audio may be added or inserted into a previously-recorded tape in the playback mode. Editing is done electronically with the use of the capstan servo system.
6. A SKEW control adjusts tape tension in the play-back mode. The tracking control regulates video-head tracking. The TRACKING meter indicates tracking condition.
7. With the use of a SONY RF Unit (available as an optional accessory) the recorded tape can be viewed on a conventional TV screen.

Type: ElA-Japan type-1 video tape recorder
Video recording system: Rotary two-head helical scan im recording.
Recording signal: EIA standards or equivalent
Video input: 0.5 - 2 V (p-p), 75 ohms, sync negative, unbalanced
Video output: 1.0 V (p-p), 75 ohms, sync negative, unbalanced
Resolution: Better than 300 lines
Video signal-to-noise ratio: Better than 40 dB
Audio input:
   MIC -65 dB, 600 ohms, unbalanced
   AUX 0 dB, 100 k ohms, unbalanced
   TV -20 dB, 100 k ohms, unbalanced
Audio output: 0 dB, 10 k ohms, unbalanced
Frequency response: 80- 10,000 Hz
Audio signal-to-noise ratio: Better than 40 dB
RF output: 80 dB, 75ohms (when RF Unit is installed)
Tape speed: 7.5 ips (19.05 cm/s) plus/minus 0.2%
Slow speed: 1/5 - 1/15 of normal speed
Wow and flutter: Less than 0.2 %
Recording time: More than 60 minutes with SONY V-32 Tape
Rewind time: Within 7 minutes for SONY V-32 Tape
Ambient temperature: 32 degrees F-105 degrees F

Power requirements: 117 V ac plus/minus 10%, 60 Hz plus/minus 0.5%
Power Consumption: 70 watts

Dimensions: 17-5/16"(W)x 9-5/16"(H)x 15-11/16" (D)
Weight: 41 lb, 14 oz

Accessories supplied:
Reel, RH-7 V
Ac Power cord
SONY Video Tape, V-30
8-pin plug
SONY oil
Head cleaner set
Splicing tape
Polishing cloth

Tool Name: 
Sony AV-3650 1/2" open reel editing deck

Additional Detailed Information:
Some sample of refurbished Sony AV series 1/2 Inch Reel to Reel EIAJ Recorder/player:




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