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Evertz 510DCDA-HD

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Item #:EQ702380U
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Model Description:
HD Downconverter & Distribution Amplifier with closed caption monitoring

Model Details

The 510DCDA-HD is a reclocking 1.5Gb/s digital video distribution amplifier and a high quality downconverter for HDTV signals. The 510DCDA-HD provides 5 reclocked DA outputs and 4 downconverted SDI or composite analog NTSC/PAL outputs (software selectable). Composite outputs are color frame locked to supplied reference. The 510DCDA-HD accepts all the popular international SMPTE 292M video formats.

The 510DCDA-HD has color space conversion from ITU rec. 709 to ITU rec. 601, and will provide various downconverted formats such as 16:9 letterbox, 14:9 letterbox, 13:9 letterbox, 4:3 center crop, and 4:3 anamorphic squeeze.

The 510DCDA-HD supports Widescreen Signaling (WSS) on the output. The module has 10 bit processing and allows for selectable horizontal and vertical filters to control picture sharpness. It also de-embeds two groups of audio and re-embeds the audio on the SDI output in time with the video.

The 510DCDA-HD has a closed caption monitoring capability that decodes CEA-608 or CEA-708 captions that have been encoded into the VANC data space of an HD video input, or CEA-608 captions from a SD video input.


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