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Production Switcher

Echolab OPERA 1608

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Equipment Description:
SD-SDI, composite and component switcher

Model Description:
Echolab Opera -The most flexible Standard Definition production switcher

Model Details

Echolab’s Opera is the most flexible Standard Definition production switcher on the market today. Its unique dual format design with internal frame synchronizers and frame buffers makes Opera the perfect switcher for production systems that are upgrading from analog to digital.
Opera can be installed into an analog system without additional conversion gear. Input modules are either analog or digital and output modules are always simultaneous analog and digital. The modular architecture of Opera provides a cost effective means of transitioning from analog to digital at your own pace.
Opera is also loaded with a generous number of linear keyers, chroma keyers and DVE’s. The technical director can comfortably create any look with the powerful effects capabilities of the Opera series of switchers.

Opera Key Features
•Dual Format Support
Ease the transition from analog to digital and continue to use existing analog equipment
•Internal Floating Frame Synchronizers
Simplify system installation by eliminating costly external equipment and directly accepting un-timed feeds
•Internal Floating Frame Buffers
Store multiple stills and keys for instant access during live production
•Powerful Effects Engine
Multiple DVE channels and keys

The Opera dual format live production switcher is designed to meet the needs of anydigital production system or any analog system transitioning to digital. It can be seamlessly installed into an analog only or mixed format studio. The flexible Opera input and output modules allow for a custom mix of analog and digital inputs and outputs. Opera internally converts from analog to digital and digital to analog and offers internal synchronization simplifying system design and reducing overall costs significantly. Conventional SDI switchers require conversion and synchronization to be carried out externally. Which can have significant impact on the overall system design; increased cabling, increased power consumption and increased equipment costs. Opera simplifies installation with its built in conversion and synchronization options.

Opera Input Modules
There are two types of Opera input modules; analog and digital. Each module supports 4 inputs. Any combination of input modules can be configured into an Opera chassis allowing for up to 32 input channels.
Digital module
The digital module has been optimized for robust SDI connectivity. SDI equalizers and reclockers provide reliable reception of all SMPTE 259MSDI signals.
Analog Module
The high quality analog module features a 5-line comb filter decoder and supports all standard analog formats; composite (PAL/NTSC), Y/C, component, and RGB. All processing is done at full 10-bit 4:2:2 resolution ensuring that quality is maintained thought the system.

Opera Output Module
The Opera output modules support simultaneous SDI and analog output. All standard analog formats are supported; composite (PAL/NTSC), Y/C, component, and RGB. 12-bit DAC’s provide a high quality analog signal that can be sent to analog devices with confidence. The Opera chassis can be populated to support up to 16 output channels.

Internal Floating Frame Synchronizers
Typical production systems can have a number of un-timed feeds such as satellite, remote studios or microwave links.These feeds must be synchronized before they can be fed to the production switcher. The Echolab Opera series of switchers offer internal frame synchronizers that can be purchased for each of the available inputs. The synchronizers can be dynamically assigned to any input. Internal frame synchronizers are advantageous as they reduce cabling, reduce power consumption, save valuable rack space and allow for fewer points of failure.

Internal Floating Frame Buffers
Frame buffers are valuable in any production environment. For certain applications a few frame buffers can replace a dedicated clip/still store. The Echolab internal frame buffers offer tremendous flexibility with an easy to use workflow. Internal frame buffers simplify installation, reduce power consumption and save valuable rack space. The frame buffers can be dynamically assigned to any input.This flexibility allows the Technical Director to configure the switcher to his or her workflow. A still can be captured from any input and stored into the floating frame buffer. Lower thirds and other CG can be transferred to the switcher using a Photoshop plug-in or an easy to use utility that downloads graphic files to the mainframe via Ethernet.

Aux Outputs
Opera has the most flexible auxiliary outputs of any switcher in its class. The auxiliary outputs can be dynamically assigned to show any signal from the switcher including program, preview, ME outputs and clean feeds. There is no limit on the assignment capability of the auxiliary outputs. For example, clean feed can be duplicated on every auxiliary output if needed.

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