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Streaming Signal Processing Gears

DVEO D-Streamer IP/DIG

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

BCS Price: $3,895.00
Item #:EQ704451N
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Model Description:
SD or HD, H.264/AVC Video and Audio Decoder for Receiving Live Streams with Most Any Protocol IP In.

Model Details

Real Time, 1 RU, Quick Starting, Embedded Linux® Based, Remotely Manageable, Auto Detection of SD or HD, H.264/AVC Video and Audio Decoder for Receiving
Live Streams with Most Any Protocol IP Input. Supports HLS, HTTP, RTSP, HTML, WMV9, or RTMP (Open Flash) In and Converts the H.264 AVC Compressed
Digital Video and Audio into Professional Digital SDI or HD-SDI Output, or Optional HDMI Out. Audio Support for AAC or Ogg Vorbis. Decodes at .1 to 15 Mbps. Ideal Decoder for Receiving and Decoding of Streaming Video
from Remote Sites, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), or IPTV Compatible Appliances or Players. Tested to Work Over Public Internet, WiFi and Other RF Backbones.

Streaming video via Flash has emerged as a very
efficient methodology for delivering SD and HD
content over the public internet. It occurred to us that
there are not many decoders/receivers that decode
incoming Flash wrapped streams to HD and SD/SDI.
The D-Streamer IP/DIG™ is designed to address this
need and deliver a professional decoding device for
the public internet.
The D-Streamer IP/DIG is a real time H.264 decoder
that receives IP transport streams and decodes them to
SDI or HD-SDI. It accepts a wide variety of IP
protocols, wrappers, and containers but is highly tuned
for HLS and RTSP.
The system is ideal for converting IP streams from
anywhere into SDI or HD-SDI streams. Broadcasters
and content providers can use our MultiStreamer
DIG/IP™ to encode SDI or HD-SDI to H.264 IP, then
decode the streams with the D-Streamer IP/DIG.
This embedded Linux® based unit is designed to be
affordable, scalable, and extendable. Modifications to
video formats are easily created. Remote management
and multi level security is built in.



? Supports both HD and SD H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC

decoding, with auto detection

? Input: IP (H.264, MPEG-2, or VC-1)

? Output: SDI and HD-SDI

? Optional HDMI output instead of SDI/HD-SDI output

? Supports IP unicast or multicast

? IP Input protocols: HTTP Live (HLS), UDP, RTP,

RTSP, HTTP, RTMP (Open Flash), MMS

? Support for segmented streaming: Apple® HTTP Live

and Windows® HTTP Smooth. Can receive streams

from Apple® and Android devices as well as

Silverlight and Flash Clients.

? Supports H.264 High Profile @ Level 4.0 (HP@L4)

? Supports 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480i, 480p, CIF, QCIF,

qHD, H.264up and many others, and custom


? Supports HDTV output formats SMPTE-274M/

SMPTE-296M-2001, ITU-R BT.656

? Built-in SSL VPN client for secure transport of streams

across the internet or for traversing complicated

networks. The tunnel is based on OpenVPN and it

works for both multicast and unicast traffic.

? Audio Input: AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-1 Layer II,

optional MP3, or optional “SurCode for Dolby Digital”


? Audio Output: Embedded pass-through

? Configure and operate via Remote GUI

? SNMP remote management with low power

consumption due to Ivy Bridge Intel CPU


Supported Resolutions – Input

1920 x 1080

1280 x 720

720 x 576

720 x 480

704 x 480

640 x 480

480 x 480

480 x 320

320 x 240



Also supports any custom resolution not listed here.

Note: Supports closed captions.

IP Input

Input: Single Channel Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45)

Audio Input: AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-1 Layer II, optional MP3,

and/or optional “SurCode for Dolby Digital” AC-3




(Open Flash), MMS

Type: IP-multicast, IP-unicast


bit rates:

Multiple H.264 video streams at different bit rates (.1 to 15

mbps), resolutions, and protocols, wrappers, and containers


Video SDI or HD-SDI (Blackmagic) with Genlock

Audio Embedded pass-through


Access: Web interface, ssh interface

SNMP: Monitoring and alerts

CPU and Operating System

CPU: Intel® Xeon® E5-1270v2 Ivy Bridge

OS: DVEO embedded Linux® in Flash™

Physical & Power

Size: 19” rack mounted, 1 RU high

Voltage: 100-240V, 4-2A, 60-50 Hz, 220 watts

Operating Temperature: 10°C to 35°C

Non-operating Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing

Conformities: UL, BSMI, CSA, FCC, CE, RoHs

Weight: 15 lbs.



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