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Grass Valley LDK-8000 LDK-8000/70

GRASS VALLEY / LDK-8000 LDK-8000/70
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Equipment Description:
Few studio configuration LDK-8000, LDK-8000/61 and LDK-8000/70 with back, VF, OCP,CCU ...

Model Description:
Multi-Format HD 1080i, 720p, 1080p, smart card...3 x 2/3" 16:9 HD-DPM+ CCDs 9.2 million pixels1920

Equipment Details

Few studio configuration camera systems available including:
LDK-8000, LDK-8000/61 and LDK-8000/70??
LDK-5860 back
LDK4020/20 7" Viewfinder
LDK4488/00 LLA
OCP-400 Operation Control Panel
LDK4502/01 CCU
Camera plate

Model Details

Grass Valley™ products from Thomson offer the most
comprehensive, multi-format solutions for acquisition,
production, storage and playback—with a strong
foundation for centralized, proactive status and
activity monitoring. These solutions include one of the
broadest selections of standard- and high-definition
(SD and HD) digital video cameras. With one of the best known
imaging design teams in the world and six technical Emmy®
awards, Grass Valley camera products continue to break ground
with innovation and creative ideas.
The LDK 8000 camera continues and extends this record of
exceptional performance. Leveraging our extensive experience in
digital cinematography, we designed this HD camera specifically
to sample a chosen scene so that it faithfully reproduces what
you see. Its color-space technologies ensure accurate color
reproduction even in difficult applications, such as mobile
production sites where lighting is typically difficult to control.
With three next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+™ CCDs,
the LDK 8000 is the only camera available that can capture true
progressive HD images, natively, and switch instantly between
multiple formats and frame rates. Coupled with an extensive
feature set, format flexibility, and excellent performance, it’s a
perfect match for the intense demands of today’s productions.
This flexibility makes LDK 8000 a superb choice for live
production where content will be used for HD DVD distribution.
With its 1080p origination, selectable in frame rates up to
1080p60, your finished material can closely resemble material
finished on film.
With an updated ergonomic design, the LDK 8000 speeds
production workflows with focus-assist tools and smart cards
that store image and operational settings. Its transmission
system interfaces include those for standard HD triax- and
fiber-based infrastructures for maximum flexibility. And its optical
design, coupled with a new DSP chipset, gives you even greater
confidence in delivering excellent finished program material.
The LDK 8000 system features a compact, robust, and lightweight
base station that can output SD and HD signals simultaneously.
And by using a Grass Valley SuperXpander large lens adapter kit,
complete with an HD high-resolution viewfinder, the LDK 8000
becomes a fully featured, full-sized studio camera ready for either
studio or mobile applications.
CCDs Ensure Exceptional Output
Three next-generation CCDs inside the LDK 8000 ensure
exceptional image quality. They are based on frame-transfer
technology to guarantee there is no lag or smear to compromise
the images you create. These sensors also deliver outstanding
signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity, using on-chip amplifiers to
further reduce the noise floor.
The LDK 8000 also features the on-sensor black sampling used
so successfully in previous camera designs. With it, you don’t
need to set a black balance or black level for each scene and then
hope things turn out correctly. The selected on-sensor areas are
masked from incoming light, and are therefore always sampling
a correct absolute black level. The camera samples black levels
continuously, per frame, ensuring that the black level is always
correct as defined at the sensor surface. Its 14-bit analog-todigital
converters preserve this sampled image as it is transferred
from the sensors to the digital processing domain.


Supports instant switching between

1080i and 720p formats at 50

and 59.94 Hz for a wide variety of


Supports all 1080p standard formats,

including 1080p50 and 1080p60

Unrivaled video sampling technology:

Three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+


14-bit A/D sampling

22-bit digital signal processing


Emmy award-winning dual skin contour

circuit makes talent look its best

Dynamic anti-aliasing-on-sensor

processing reduces aliasing artifacts

Unique viewfinder focus-assist tools:

Crawler, for creating an active

edge around all objects in focus

Instant push-button electronic

zoom for momentarily enlarging

a subject to check focusing on

small details

Smart cards store image, operational

settings for easy recall

Flexible HD transmission system

Supports standard triax up to

3,500 ft. (1,200m)

Supports hybrid fiber SMPTE 311

up to 13,200 ft. (4,000m)

Small, robust base station with

superior HD, SD output

Lightest weight camera body in its


SuperXPander kit support enables

configuration with full size studio or

OB lenses, and accessories

Outputs high-quality SD images

simultaneously to the HD output


HD Camera Head                                                                                     
                               LDK 8000
Triax or DC 12V; 44W incl. 2" viewfinder & Triax HD adapter
Temperature range                                            Operating: -20°C to 45°C (-4°F to
113°F); Storage: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) Weight                                              
                                                    5.5 kg (11 lbs.) incl. 2" viewfinder and Triax
HD adapter
241 (H) x 164 (W) x 373 (L) with Triax HD adapter
Optical system                                                                                     
                                   F1.4 Prism
Optical filter wheels                                                                              
                         2x motorized wheels
Optical filters on first wheel                                                                     
             Clear, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND
Optical filters on second wheel                                                                 
Clear, four-point star, six-point star, soft focus
Color-correction filters (digital process)              Electronic: 3200°K, 5600°K, 7500°K, FL, 2
AWB presets, continuous auto white Pickup device                                                   
                                                    3 x 2/3" 16:9 HD-DPM+ CCDs
Picture elements                                                                                   
  9.2 million pixels 1920 (H) x 4320 (V) effective
                                 No vertical smear
Temporal Frequencies                                                 LDK 8000/60 Standard          
                                  LDK 8000/61 WorldCam
720p mode                                                                        50/59.94 Hz       
                                           23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 Hz
1080p mode                                                       Requires WorldCam version         
                                  23.98/24/25/29.97/50/60 Hz 1080i mode                            
                                                  50/59.94 Hz                                      
                             50/59.94 Hz
Sensitivity 2000 lux                                                                               
                   F8.0 typical (1080i mode)
S/N ratio in Y signal                                                                              
                                56 dB typical
Modulation depth                                                                                   
          55% @ 27 MHz (typical 720p59.94)
Digital quantization/ DSP processing                                                             
14 bits A/D,  with  >22 bits DSP resolution Gain                                                   
                                                 -6 dB to 12 dB in 3 dB steps (user-definable
Exposure control                                                                                   
                            Down to 1/1000s
Clean scanning                                50.8 to 125 Hz (at 50 Hz temporal frequency); 61 to
150 Hz (at 59.94 Hz temporal frequency); V-shift Front microphone input                            
                                                   XLR-3 female, balanced +48V selectable
Lens connector                                                                                     
Control input                                                                                      
                       9-pin RS-232C compatible
Viewfinder connector                                                                               
              20-pin, and, HDMI connector
Supplied accessories                                            Operators manual; camera rain
cover; 1x owner card; 2x user cards; shoulder strap
2" viewfinder                                                                      Model No. LDK
5302                                                 CRT >600 TV lines (center)
5" viewfinder                                                                      Model No. LDK
5305                                                 CRT >650 TV lines (center)
7" viewfinder                                                    Model No. LDK 4020                
         CRT >800 TV lines (center). Requires additional mounting hardwareLDK 5860 TriaxHD Adapter
Input connectors                                                                           Front
mic in: XLR-3-31 type (female x1) balanced, +48V, ch1
Audio in: XLR-3-31 type (female x2), selectable phantom +48V, selectable attenuator Video ref in,
BNC type, 1.0Vp-p, 75?
DC 12V in: XLR-4 pin type (male x1)
Output connectors                                                                 VF out, BNC type,
1.0Vp-p, 75?, switchable to external (SD+HD)
2 x BNC, SMPTE 292M, HD-SDI out: 1.5 Gb/s, 0.8Vp-p, 75?
Prompter out: BNC type, 1.0Vp-p, 75? Scriptlight DC-out: 3-pin, 0.25A/12V DC
DC-out: 4-pin Hirose, 1.5A/12V DC and tally indicators
Input/output connectors                                                                            
                    CCU: triax connector
Lens: 12-pin
Viewfinder connector: 20-pin and HDMI connector Auxiliary/data 11p private data
9-pin RS-232
Tracker: 11-pin SmartCard
Intercom: XLR 5-pin (female x1)

Additional Information

LDK-8000 HD.pdf

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