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Stantron Jimmy Jib III Package

BCS Price: $8,643.20
Item #:EQ705011U
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Equipment Description:
Fair Condition

Model Description:
12ft size w/ weight capacity of 30lb. Remote controlled head. Includes 20' Dolly rail kit

Model Details

Stanton Jimmy Jib III, Full size Remote control Jib Arm with motorized remote head control, "Giant" extension Kit, heavy duty tripod, Dollies, straight track, Stanton electronics battery, Stanton monitor battery, Sony PVM color monitor, Iron counterweights, Anvil cases with casters & additional jib arm accessories.


- Stanton Jimmy Jib III
- "Giant" extension kit (12ft reach & weight capacity of 30lb)
- Jimmy Jib heavy duty tripod
- Stanton remote head kit model
- #4 triax 110V-Cannon
- Dolly special (dolly frame 3 track wheel assembly, 20ft straight track, Push bar, foot rail)
- Dolly of road kit
- Stanton Electronics Battery
- Stanton Monitor Battery
- Sony PVM 8041 Q 8" ACDC Color Monitor
- Pair BNC Adapter Cables
- Anvil cases with castors (Custom made for Jib and accessories)
- Multiple iron weights for counterbalance.

The package is a complete setup that is ready for any production that heads your way.

Additional Detailed Information:

Include this track and dolly option:

All in cases on wheels:


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